Fine Art Photography

Are you planning your wedding in Prague, at a nearby castle or anywhere else in the world  but unsure what style of photography is right for you? Confused about what group photos to have or how to plan the timings for the day and your photo shoot? Our relaxed documentary as well as fine-art style wedding photography takes the stress out of your day, so you and your guests can enjoy yourselves more.

 No matter if  you are getting married in Prague or in any other georgeous venue, we always find for you the most exciting and chic spots to take photos, all surrounded by the buzz and excitement that comes from each wedding day. Whether it’s a trendy hotel in the heart of the city, or a more rural retreat set in sweeping parkland, you can be sure We won’t miss a beat.

 So if you’re a laid-back, modern and fun-loving couple looking for lasting memories full of love, joy and laughter, our wedding photography is definitely for you. 

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